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Angola is a beautiful country in Central Africa, rich in natural resources. It boasts large reserves of diamonds and oil, huge hydropower potential, and fertile agricultural land. Despite these, despite the huge amount of money it contributes to the global economy, Angola is still very poor, being devastated by a brutal civil conflict in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, tourism is slowly starting to boom in Angola, largely due to growing interest in Africa and the large number of beaches and other tourist attractions that it has. Indeed, despite all the negative news about Angola's poor healthcare and miserable economy, the country's beaches and other tourism attractions are still a huge draw card for many tourists.

The Angolan government has worked hard to improve the lot of its citizens, particularly its poorer ethnic groups. In order to attract tourists, it has built many new towns and highways. The capital Luz comare is also well-known for its beach resorts. Other attractive destinations include Abidjo, Beituba, Bambuhu, Bondo, Calvary, Majorda, Manaus, Myomba, Ouanes, Pine Rivers, Terreirao, and the unforgettable city of Anguilla. Many tourists also go to Angola's historic towns of Foshuou, Leiva, and Cotonou to experience the rich history of the place.

Although Angola has a number of World Heritage sites, like Grand Bassa and the big Assumption church, but it has also developed impressively to become one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. The cabinda, or state, is developing rapidly from being a predominantly Christian nation to a country with more than 90% men who are not Christians. Overall, a visit to Angola will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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