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Belgium has long been one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Europe, thanks to its pleasant weather and diverse landscape. For its part, Belgium has quite a few tourist spots, with some famous ones being the Antwerp and Brussels. Travelers can take advantage of Belgium's sunny summers, which are particularly pleasurable from June to September. However, summer can also get very cold with winter still a ways off. To escape the rainy season, travelers can take advantage of Belgium's excellent tourism climate which can be enjoyed year-round.

With winter almost over, the sunshine shines once again. From early May to late September, Belgium has an average of fourteen days of sunshine. In Belgium, the sun shines for the longest during the day on Saturday, from around six am to around noon. With heavy rainfall, daytime rainfall is barely more than once per hour, which makes the rainy season in Belgium very brief.

Because of its relatively short season, Belgium experiences warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures during the winter are slightly higher than the summer months (ranging between ten and fifteen degrees Celsius), with daytime temperatures being around fourteen degrees Celsius. The winter season in Belgium generally lasts from March to May. With the evenings getting colder, Belgium's winter culture is kept alive through Belgian wine festivals that are held every year from late October to early November.

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