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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina offer an interesting mixture of old and new cultures, as well as some spectacular coastal landscapes and crystal clear waters for white water rafting. The first quarter of the year sees the opening up of the country to foreign tourists, many of whom come to explore the coastline and get an insight into the history of the place. A rapidly growing tourism industry, combined with a focus on sustainable tourism has seen Bosnian resorts emerge to cater for an international clientele, whilst preserving the local culture and environment. Here are some of the most popular Bosnian travel and tourism destinations, all with their own unique history:

Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to harbour the historic legacy of war, with lots of sights and sounds to be explored in both the land and sea, with plenty of local attractions to visit and enjoy. The coastal cities of Sarajevo and Srebrenica are famous for the cradle of world culture, the Bosnian monuments and cathedrals, the city's rich and varied history, and its unique weather. With its colourful history and dynamic nightlife, this bustling, cosmopolitan centre has quickly become one of the most interesting, diverse cities in Europe. Many Bosnian families have holiday home rentals in the Bosnian capital, making this area a great base for exploring the finer aspects of Bosnian life. This summer, more holiday makers are choosing to rent holiday cottages or holiday apartments to spend their break in the region, with good weather and sparkling blue seas making it one of the most popular Bosnian destinations.

The mountainous regions of the eastern mountains of the country offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe, which is best enjoyed by trekking or mountain biking. Some of the more spectacular mountain ranges of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be reached by walking, either on the road or via hiking trails. Mountain biking is a popular pastime amongst Bosnian families on holidays to the south of the country. Other mountain destinations include the Drangarius and Pirin Mountains, offering hikers a challenging route up the sides of the mountains.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina