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Travel to Brazil means a lot of different things for people from different parts of the world. For most, travel to Brazil means a visit to one of its beaches - a visit that can be highly expensive because it is usually very popular during the peak tourist seasons. More affordable travel to Brazil means taking cheap flights to Brazil rather than go on a holiday in a location like Rio or Manaus (the Brazilian cities most famous for their beach parties). A holiday to Brazil also means choosing a beach on which to spend the majority of your time during your travels.

When you travel to Brazil, you will have plenty of options as far as where to spend your days. In short, south and north of the country are the best time to visit Brazil. In the south, the months of February and March are the best time for tourists to travel to Brazil. South and north of the country are equally popular at any time of the year, though, so don't let the months of birth determine where you should go. Rio is a must-see city no matter what season it is; in addition to being Brazil's capital, it is also one of the world's busiest beach destinations.

If you decide to visit rio, the world's second-busiest city, in September, you will find that the weather is warm and comfortable. In October and November, the weather in Rio gets quite cold, but if you go to the south of the country in November - October - you will have wonderful weather and a wide range of beaches to visit. No matter when you choose to travel to Brazil, you will have plenty of great reasons to do so.

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