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Who Says China is boring? The truth is that China has got a lot to offer to tourists. Sure, China isn't as flashy as a New York or Paris, but that doesn't mean that it can't be interesting and entertaining. There is just something about China that makes visiting it a fun experience, no matter what time of year you visit. One of the main reasons that I love China so much is because it really opens up each country and culture differently. Take for example, China's most famous tourists are those who travel during the four seasons-the Spring Festival, the Summer Festival, the Autumn Festival and the Winter Festival.

Worst Time to Travel China You could be in the wrong season if you travel during the boring part of the Chinese year, which is the fall. It gets cold and damp, which makes finding the best locales almost impossible, and at times, traveling around China may feel like a walk in the park (it gets cold anytime during the day!). The most popular time to travel to China is during the four seasons, and the crowds are highly dependent on which season you travel. This may make traveling to China a bit difficult, but there is an easy way to find the best time to travel: Avoid any major public Chinese festivals.

Spring is the best time to travel to China because it is during the longest period of snow in China. You could also avoid the huge crowds during this season if you travel during the day (as opposed to going to China in the dead of winter, where you will have fewer crowds), and you'll find the atmosphere to be vastly different from winter. Of course, China has all the main tourist seasons, and you can go to China anytime, but some seasons are definitely better than others. When traveling to China, remember that a winter festival is the worst time to travel there!

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