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Costa Rica

Situated between Panama and Nicaragua on Central America's Pacific Coast, Costa Rica boasts a colorful and diverse landscape. The low-lying tropical climate makes Costa Rica perfect for beach holidays, especially those that include visits to the beach resorts and other natural attractions like waterfalls and lush tropical forests. With its rich volcanic origins, the western part of Costa Rica boasts a variety of landscapes from high rolling hills to deep red jungles.

Although a small nation in terms of land area, Costa Rica boasts plenty of natural variation between its Pacific and Caribbean beaches. Orange and yellow are prominent tones that appear in landscapes from the north, with black and brown tones taking prominence in the south. Costa Rica Weather also packs much of variety, with the low-lying tropical rainforest areas receiving up to 25 inches of rain annually, while the mountainous rainforests can receive up to 50 inches. While most tourists visiting Costa Rica rarely make it to the rainforest areas, the high annual rainfall makes beach and inland water activities popular. Costa Rica tourism is based on a low cost of tourism and has developed tourism driven by environmental awareness, so visitors are rarely required to go on dangerous "jetting," which involves diving into the ocean for large underwater masses of fish and coral.

Regardless, of where one visits in Costa Rica, temperatures vary by season. The high-altitude interior areas usually experience cool weather from January to February, with increasing temperatures reaching the highlands by March. Central Valley temperatures are moderate during the rainy season, reaching the capital by May, and moderate throughout the rest of Costa Rica. In the central valley, low rainfall and warm temperatures result in an environment suitable for both summer and winter sports and holidays.

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