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El Gouna


Egypt has two seasons: hot and cold. Summer is the hot season where the weather is mostly hot and the beaches are packed. Winter is relatively cool with mostly cloudy skies and the temperatures drop quickly at night. Winter is the best time to visit Egypt if you like blue waters and sandy beaches, as most of Egypt's tourist resorts lie along the Red Sea coast.

Egypt enjoys two seasons: hot and cold. Summer is the hot season where the weather is mostly hot, and the beaches are packed with tourists and travelers looking forward to a nice holiday. It's the best time to visit Egypt as you get to see the great variety of geographical features and tourist sites such as the majestic Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, al-Azrak Mosque, Valley of the Kings, and the Luxor Museum and the Valley of the Queens. You can also travel to Sharm El Sheikh on a well-furnished cruise ship. Winter is a bit cold but is quite hot where you can spend a nice winter vacation, visiting many famous ski resorts that are mostly on the Sinai coast.

Egypt is a country where both the sun and the sand love to play together. If you are traveling to Egypt, you need to be aware that although the weather can be varied from time to time, travel during the hotter months of spring and summer is usually the best and it would be a good idea to acquire a visa early on before traveling to Egypt. Obtaining a visa early on is necessary because most visitors and tourists who travel to Egypt usually stay for around 7 days. In spite of visa issues, Egypt is one of the easiest countries to travel to, so if you are planning to travel to Egypt this year, you will not have any problems in getting visa.

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