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Live View Of Tallinn's Old Town
Tallinn, Estonia

Live webcam broadcasts a view of Tallinn's Old Town in Estonia. The camera is installed on the roof of the hotel «Telegraaf». The old town is the oldest part of Tallinn. In 1997, the Tallinn Old Town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of a well-preserved historical center of the North European trading city.

The old city of Tallinn is conditionally divided into the Lower and Upper Town (Vyshgorod). In the Upper Town, located on the hilltop of Toompea, the nobility was originally inhabited, while the merchants, artisans and other less well-off strata settled in the Lower City. From the Lower town of Vyshgorod was separated by a fortress wall, most of which also perfectly preserved to our days.

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Vene 9, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

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