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Wādī as Sīr


Jordan is a country that can only be described as a land of extremes. With such a diverse landscape, seemingly more of mountains than anything else, the climate in Jordan is also quite unique and interesting. The summer months (from early February to mid-May), are the warmest in Jordan, while the winter months (from late February to early April), are the wettest. If you plan to go to Jordan in the summer months, or even the spring months, you need to be aware that Jordan can experience extreme weather conditions, which can be sunny one minute, then a sudden downpour the next. This unpredictability makes Jordan a great destination for summer vacations, where you can go camping and enjoy the Jordan River, or just enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

In addition to the four traditional seasons, Jordan also experiences four "public holidays" throughout the year. These are the Islamic fasting month, Hajj, the carnival season, the Muslim New Year and Suq Al-Fitr. At different times of the year, Jordan celebrates different religious festivals with different cultural elements, with great entertainment at local theaters, cafes and restaurants. If you visit Jordan during any of these public holidays, you will find that Jordan is a fascinating place with its rich history and vibrant culture.

For visitors who want to enjoy Jordan's amazing scenery, from mountain peaks to sandy beaches, there are a number of Jordan travel attractions that will allow you to get close to the land and its many cultural aspects. The Jordan Ruins varies from ancient Bedouin villages, to the modern ruins of Um Qafis, where you will be able to see a glimpse of Jordan's rich heritage. Other attractions include the Al-Gabel, the Jordan's oldest cave; the ruined castle of Um Qafis; the ruined village of Um Qafis; and the Roman baths of Um Qafis.

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