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Latvia is a beautiful destination with some of the finest beaches in Europe. The summer is a period of high tourist arrivals but the winter weather in Latvia offers some of the friendliest climates in Europe. Travel to Latvian beaches during summer and autumn and you will come across some of the most wonderful water parks and idyllic resorts that make for unforgettable holidays. However, the winter weather throws Latvian travel into overdrive with plenty of skiing, sleigh rides and snowboarding festivals.

Latvian weather During Winter Latvian weather is quite mild, particularly during winter. Between December and March the temperature rarely dips below seven degrees Celsius, which makes Latvian summers extremely pleasant. Snowfall is seen between December and March however, snowfall does not usually stop just before Easter. Rain is also fairly infrequent. While the Atlantic leads to Latvian as cold weather in most parts, Latvian weather is known for its temperate climate during the whole year. Snowfall generally occurs between October and February, while the spring, summer and autumn offer a moderate climate.

Latvian Travel The best time of the year to visit Latvian resorts is from March to September, which sees an upsurge in tourist traffic. Travel to Latvian resorts in summer months and temperatures are often very warm, although it is not uncommon to be woken up in the middle of the night when the sun begins to set. Average temperatures are between six and eight degrees Celsius during the summer months. It can get as cold as five degrees at times, especially in autumn. Winter in Latvia is fairly short with most of the winter days, being cool, although the nights are often freezing.

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