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Mexico is quickly becoming a very popular destination for family vacations and travel abroad. The weather in Mexico is extremely pleasant, with few tropical storms or hurricanes that pose a threat to the United States coastline. Mexico offers a wide range of travel destinations for tourists, which is evident by the large numbers of hotels, motels, and vacation rentals that are available all throughout the country. Mexico has everything from deserts to beaches, from jungle to snow; and the weather is something that residents and visitors can take advantage of, regardless of what season it is.

Best Time for Visiting Cancun, Mexico June to September are the hottest months for visiting Cancun, providing the ideal combination of beautiful sunny skies and little rainfall. June and September also offer the very best weather, especially for wildlife (whales and sea turtles have come ashore and are nesting, while spring rains have helped clear the sand and make conditions less slippery), while October is best reserved for tourism (though thunderstorms can still pop up). November is traditionally the month with the most rainfall, but this change can actually help tourism in Cancun; December is a time when hurricanes are far less likely to hit. Mexico is a very diverse country, so weather and climate are not the only things that travelers should take into account.

Mexico boasts many different attractions for tourists. Cancun's amazing blue waters, including many of the Caribbean's most famous reefs, are a must-see site. The Hotel Zone offers an amazing selection of upscale hotel accommodations, while Cancun's downtown scene is one of the most popular in the region. Mexico's diverse geography is a major draw to tourists, who can choose from many different beach experiences, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, rafting, and kayaking. Other attractions include the Teotihuacan Ruins (which are open to the public and open every day), Sea World, and the Historic Center of Cancun. Regardless of what attracts you to Mexico, the month of October promises to be one of the most incredible travel months of the year!

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