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Nordfjord, Nordfjordeid Webcam (Taklo, Norway)

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Webcam in Taklo, Norway : Nordfjord

Nordfjord, Nordfjordeid Webcam

Enjoy this wonderful panorama from the fjord town of Nordfjordeid, in Norway. The moving live cam with close-ups displays Nordfjordeid Port as well as the landscapes of Nordfjordeid, at the end of the Eidsfjorden. The town is a commercial centre within Sogn og Fjordane county, and a cruise destination in western Norway. In and around Nordfjordeid you will find attractions including the famous Briksdal Glacier and the Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, at centre of Nordfjordeid will be presented the Myklebust ship, the largest Viking ship known (approximately 30 meters long and 6.5 meters wide), which is about to be completed.To find Nordfjordeid on the map, please scroll down the page.

Tromso Webcam

A webcam of the Nordfjord, Nordfjordeid Webcam with changing views.

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Rv15 51, 6770 Nordfjordeid, Norway

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