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Location: Panama is situated in Central America, not exactly part of South America, although it does actually belong to the same continent. Main language: Spanish is the main language spoken in Panama, though English is also a secondary language. Getting to know a little about the country and its history can also be very interesting through travel brochures and informative trips. Weather: When travelling to Panama you need to be aware that the country enjoys an average rainfall of about four to seven inches per year. In high season, April to October, the weather can get a little hot and humid, with average temperatures around seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Hiring a Car: There are many good car rental companies offering shuttle services from the major cities to Panama City. Traveling by Bus: One can easily hire a bus in Panama City and reach all major cities in a single day. Or, you could try touring Panama's intercoastal highways and take a cable car trip to the capital, Panama City. Alternatively, you could travel by sea from your central America hotel to Panama City and arrive by day.

Transportation: Panama City is quite an industrialized area and you will need some form of transportation to get around. You can rent a car in Panama City or take public transport. Hiring a car in Panama would be ideal, but you will need to shell out some hard earned dollars to enjoy the facilities. You can also travel by train and visit the beach capital of Panama, Punta Cana. You will find this beach resort more peaceful and quiet than any other on the Central American coast.

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