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Poland is an officially Christian country and Catholics make up the biggest population in the country. Although officially part of Eastern Europe, many people in Poland are actually from what is called the Catholic Church because it is their religion and also because they have been living there for a long time. Poles enjoy many religious celebrations and have very strong religious roots connected to it. It's a great time to go to Poland on one of these religious holidays: Easter, Christmas, Corpus Christi (crucifixion and celebration of the body and blood of Jesus) or Whit Sunday (also known as All Saints' Day). Some of these special occasions are bigger than others so do your research and book your accommodation in advance to be able to attend.

Poland's summers can be rather hot and mild, so it's a good idea to book a cheap flight to Warsaw or another city which has reasonable temperatures during the summer months. The days are hot and nights are usually cool so you can really enjoy the benefits of being a Pole who likes to enjoy the sun, the beaches and the warm temperature. The weather in Poland is very pleasant with a high humidity but not too hot. July is the hottest month so make sure you make your plans in advance to get to Warsaw, Krakow, Cracow or Lwow in time for this important period.

Poland has four major seasons, which vary from wet and rainy to dry and sunny with occasional hurricanes and tropical storms. The best time of year to travel to Poland is between May and September. Other good months to visit Poland include early October (September), late November (assumptions), mid-December (max average temperature), January-March and late April-June. It really depends on where you are within the country as to what the climate of Poland will be like during any particular month. Most people prefer to visit Poland in July and August when the weather is nice, particularly if you are visiting with children.

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