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South Korea

In general, South Korea has long hot summers and cold winters. Neither is necessarily an ideal time for travel, nor are they wholly full no-go times. Fall and spring, falling somewhere between the extremes of hot summers and freezing winters, are the ideal times to travel to Korea. In addition, travel to other parts of Asia such as China and Japan also fall somewhere in between these extremes, making it a great time for all types of tourists, be they leisure travelers looking for the experience of new cultures or business travellers looking for a chance to make some money.

Although the summer months in South Korea can be quite hot and dry, the winter is generally calmer. Average temperatures hover around 14 degrees Celsius during the winter months, with the temperature dropping just below freezing at night. As a result, rainfall is minimal, usually just in the form of dew, which does not create flooding but rather just makes the climate a bit more bearable. For those who wish to venture out into the wilds during the winter months, the temperature can easily fall well below zero, with temperatures around minus 5 degrees Celsius. During the daytime hours, temperatures can reach up to 28 degrees Celsius, with the rain adding just a bit of dampness.

From January to March, South Korea experiences a full swing of holiday festivities and festivals. Seoul is a popular place to see in the north, with its traditional Gangwon-do style architecture and cultural influences from Japan. However, most travellers are advised to take an indirect route to Gangwon-do, as this takes more effort when travelling across the snow-capped mountains. From Gangwon-do, travellers can travel through the demarcation that is the Yellow Sea, passing through thereon, Cholsan and Suwon-do before reaching their final destination of Jeju-do. The primary tourist season for South Korea, which starts in November, is from December to April, with slightly lighter summer weather in April.

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