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Webcam in the Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas in Kiev (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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Webcam in Kyiv, Ukraine

Webcam in the Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas in Kiev

Live webcam installed in the Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas in Kiev. The camera allows you to see and hear live broadcast of the service in the monastery in real time. Live broadcasts of church service are carried out according to the monastic schedule: the beginning of the morning service at 7:45, the beginning of the evening service at 16:00 local time.

The Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas is a male monastery of the Kiev Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, located in the Pechersk district of Kiev. The monastery was founded in the 1860s by the archimandrite of the Vydubitsky monastery Iona (Miroshnichenko) on the lands of Princess Ekaterina Vasilchikova, widow of the Kiev governor-general.

Online webcam in the Trinity Ioninsky Monastery in Kiev works around the clock in Full HD high definition.

Webcam Kiev

A webcam of the Webcam in the Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas in Kiev with changing views.

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