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New Year Eve is a major national holiday in the United Arab Emirates; it is also the first day of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. The weather is quite hot throughout the UAE (Emirates), with temperatures rising into the hundreds during the day. However, beaches and resorts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer great weather for the last minute beach parties and relaxing beach holidays during the summer. Many airlines operate low cost or budget flights to the United Arab Emirates; therefore cheap flights and cheap holiday packages can be found easily by searching on the internet. Tourist destinations across the region offer great tourism opportunities to tourists, including beach resorts in the UAE.

For travellers visiting the United Arab Emirates in the winter months, the best time to travel is between mid-December and march. The weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi during the period of January to March can be quite extreme, with temperatures reaching forty-five degrees Celsius during some months. March and April are the best times of the year to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whilst most hotels will be Closed during the fasting month of Ramadan, beach resorts and travel agencies will remain open throughout the religious period to cater for tourist demand.

In the United Arab Emirates (the UAE), the only reliable weather condition is generally dry, with little rainfall. Therefore, the best time to travel to Dubai or Abu Dhabi is between the second and fourth week of the month, when temperatures are better and there is less rain. However, the summer months are a different story; they are hot and humid, with daytime temperatures peaking at more than forty degrees Celsius during the summer months. Traveling during the summer months can prove problematic, so April, May, June and September are the months to travel to the United Arab Emirates with the best weather conditions.

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