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Holidays in Venezuela are exhilarating, if you want to be taken aback by the beauty and charm of this South American country. The country offers a wide range of captivating attractions that include pristine beaches and serene rivers that captivate every traveler. The weather in Venezuela is also perfect for vacations and travel. If you want to travel to this country during any time except the winter season, it is advisable to do so in the summer or spring. The rainy season doesn't affect the overall enjoyment factor in Venezuela due to its amazing tropical weather.

Traveling in Venezuela through tours or travel packages is an ultimate travel experience. Highlights in Venezuela Include; visiting the Volcan Baru (Candelaria), which is the highest mountain range in Venezuela and is considered to be the third highest mountain range in the world, Venezuela's capital city, Caracas, which are considered as one of the most beautiful cities in South America, and lastly, the Andes Mountains, which is a unique natural range of mountains that offer fantastic sceneries and magnificent views of Venezuela's beautiful beaches. These are the major highlights in travel packages and tours to Venezuela, where tourists can visit the above mentioned places and much more. There are numerous travel companies that offer travel packages and tours to Venezuela, catering to a variety of budget options.

The Andes mountain range is not only a sightseeing destination, it is also a wonderful place to trek due to its fantastic escapades along the way. It offers diverse terrains such as jungles, peaks and plateaus. These mountainous regions are a great holiday attraction and travel destination if you want to see the incredible scenery and breathtaking views of Venezuela's tropical temperatures. There are various transportation and hotel accommodations available in Caracas and at the Andes ranges which provide a comfortable accommodation and vacation while touring in Venezuela. You can choose a luxurious Caracas hotel which offers a wide array of amenities and has top notch security systems.

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